Interpretable Forecasting of Energy Demand in the Residential Sector

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A cooperative coevolutionary hyper-heuristic approach to solve lot-sizing and job shop scheduling problems using genetic programming

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Learning efficient in-store picking strategies to reduce customer encounters in omnichannel retail

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Drivers of and counterfactuals for the final energy and electricity consumption in EU industry

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Open data or open access? The case of building data

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Explainable Approaches for Forecasting Building Electricity Consumption

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Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) in the Era of Co-Creation

Sofia Yfanti, Nikos Sakkas

Building data models and data sharing. Purpose, approaches and a case study on explainable demand response

Nikos Sakkas, Christina Chaniotaki, Nikitas Sakkas

Deep neural networks using a single neuron: folded-in-time architecture using feedback-modulated delay loops

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Personalized choice model for forecasting demand under pricing scenarios with observational data - The case of attended home delivery

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Scheduling wagons to unload in bulk cargo ports with uncertain processing times

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Multi-modal multi-objective model-based genetic programming to find multiple diverse high-quality models

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Memetic Semantic Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression

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Evolvability degeneration in multi-objective genetic programming for symbolic regression

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Coefficient mutation in the gene-pool optimal mixing evolutionary algorithm for symbolic regression

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Deep learning-based auto-segmentation of paraganglioma for growth monitoring

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Function Class Learning with Genetic Programming: Towards Explainable Meta Learning for Tumor Growth Functionals

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Enhancing Counterfactual Explanation Search with Diffusion Distance and Directional Coherence

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COIN: Counterfactual inpainting for weakly supervised semantic segmentation for medical images

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Multi-Objective Genetic Programming for Explainable Reinforcement Learning

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