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The TRUST-AI project aims at bridging the gap between the analytical expressions derived from theory and the numerical models obtained with Machine Learning. A novel paradigm will be developed, whereby humans and machines can collaborate and discover new solutions.


three use cases

The three use cases approached will serve to guide the development of the framework, and will bring important short-term benefits, namely in cancer treatment, last-mile delivery and energy consumption.
LUMC Use Case 01


Predicting the right treatment moment for patients with slow-growing tumors that only require specific treatment at some point in time (undergoing a wait-and-scan policy).

SONAE MC Use Case 02


Dynamically selecting delivery time slots and corresponding pricing for last mile delivery, trading-off customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

APINTECH Use Case 03


Predicting daily, hourly and minute energy consumption by managing multiple, real time and distributed data sources.

latest from the project

Communication & dissemination will ensure excellence and raise public awareness regarding the project. Check here our latest outcomes.
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Real time Data and Application Sharing and Collaboration for the Building Energy Domain

Data sharing is a long-established practice. There are several general-purpose cloud platforms (google, dropbox, etc.) as well as more specialized sharing services such as, for example, those provided by xenodo

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Open data or open access? The case of building data

The world of the 4th Industrial Revolution is underpinned by sharing and collaboration approaches. More and more, these are entering the mainstream and gradually putting aside the proprietary mindset and models of the past.

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Interpretable Forecasting of Energy Demand in the Residential Sector

Energy demand forecasting is practiced in several time frames; different explanatory variables are used in each case to serve different decision support mandates. For example, in the short, daily, term building level, forecasting may serve as a performance baseline.

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Drivers of and counterfactuals for the final energy and electricity consumption in EU industry

Energy demand is essential when planning for infrastructure and grid investment (TadahiroN., Shigeyuki H., 2010).

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Communication & dissemination will ensure excellence and raise public awareness regarding the project. Check here our latest outcomes.
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